Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Beach Walking in Wondama Bay

There are a lot of sago and mangrove trees that grow along the coastal area of Wondama Bay. They become a habitat of reptiles, insects and birds. Mangrove trees grow along the tidal area. Sago trees grow behind the mangrove forest on the land. Fresh water stream usually flows through the sago forest. 

beachwalking in Wondama bay
Coastal Scenery of Wondama Bay as seen from Ramiki Beach

Because sago is the staple food of the indigenous people, we can often see local people in the sago forest cutting, and extracting  sago flour. 

ecotourism in wondama
Fresh water stream that flows through Sago forest in Ramiki  area

One of the places that have got Sago and Mangrove forests in Wondama Bay is Ramiki. Visitors can enjoy beach walking during the low tide to see the beautiful scenery and to watch birds that often walk on the beach or sit on the branches of the trees. Cruiser butterfly, Common Green Birdwing butterfly, Silky Owl Butterfly, and Blue Mountain Swallowtail are some of the butterflies that we can see in the mangrove and sago forest ecosystem. 

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