Sunday, April 11, 2021

Yoga Exercise at Sea

There is a Yoga Club in Wondama regency of Indonesia. Its name is Yogis Wondama. Visitors who take their vacation to Wondama town can exercise with members of this club. Yoga can harmonize our physical, mental and spiritual condition so that we will always above positive energy when we face challenges in our life. Yoga can calm the mind and strengthen the body of the person who exercises regularly.
In addition to practicing yoga, visitors can explore the tropical rainforest of Wondama Bay to see its unique plants and animals. There are orchid flowers, giant tropical trees, various bamboo plants, hibiscus flowers, a lot of species of birds, insects, and reptiles.
ecotourism attractions in Wondama bay
The beach and coral reef in Wondama Bay

The beaches in Wondama have got pristine coral reef that is teeming with beautiful marine life. Various species of fish such as anemonefish, parrotfish, wrasse, grouper, and butterflyfish can be seen while visitors enjoy swimming and snorkeling. 
It is important to bring snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and swimming fins), camera, and binoculars if visitors want to see the wealth of biodiversity of coral reef and rainforest of Wondama regency. 
Wondama is an important destination for tourists who are nature lovers. And I highly recommend it for anyone who plans to visit West Papua province of Indonesia.  A tour package with customized itinerary and cost can be prepared for you.
Tourist destination in Indonesia for ecotourism
Flight Route to Rasiei (the capital of Wondama regency)

Domestic flights to Manokwari city are offered by such airlines as Batik, Lion Air and Sriwijaya. Local guides in Manokwari city can meet and organize your trip to Wondama by a small Cessna caravan passenger plane or by a passenger boat. For more info, please, contact us by using form on the right side of this website or by sending message to DPC HPI TELUK WONDAMA

Eky Sawaki: +62 812 4893 1154
Amsal Tinoring: +6282197937120
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