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Traveling to Roswar Island

Roswar is a beautiful tropical island in Wondama regency of West Papua. Visitors who go there can enjoy swimming at warm stream that flows into the sea. The coastal area is surrounded by pristine coral reef that has become the natural habitat of a lot of species of marine creatures including lobster, parrotfish, butterflyfish, anamonefish and a lot more. 

hot stream in Roswar island of Wondama regency
Hot stream in Roswar island of Wondama regency

Visitors who like snorkeling need to bring their own snorkeling devices including mask, snorkel, and swim fins. 

Those who are interested in fishing can go to Roswar too. They can hire local villagers who will use their boats to deeper waters where visitors can enjoy the recreational fishing activity. 

Marine Life in coral reef of Wondama regency

Wildlife watching can also be done in the forest of the island or along the mangrove forest of the coastal area. There is a road that connects the Capital District in Waprak village to Nordiwar village. This road is good for birdwatching and wildlife watching. 

How to get there?

Roswar island can be reached by passenger fastboat from Manokwari city. Visitors can take international flight from their countries to Jakarta or Denpasar Bali. After that, they can continue their trip by taking domestic flights to Manokwari city. Airlines such as Sriwijaya Air and Lion Air provides regular daily flights to Manokwari city. Arriving in Rendani airport of Manokwari, visitors can go to Anggrem harbor and buy ticket for trip to Roswar island. The fast ferry boat will bring passenger to the capital of District Roswar in Waprak village of Wondama regency. 

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Flight Route from Jakarta and Denpasar to Manokwari city

Route of Fast Ferry from Manokwari to Roswar and then to Yende village and to Wasior town in Wondama regency


Villagers in Waprak village will be happy to receive guests who want to stay in Roswar island. Visitors need to meet Mr. Moses Waprak - the head of District Roswar. He could arrange accommodation in homestays of the villagers. There is a house that belongs to Barend Sumuai in Waprak village where visitors can stay during their holiday in Roswar island. 

For visitors who want to stay near the hot stream, please go to Syedi village and meet Boas Sumuai - the village chief. He will arrange an accommodation for visitors.

After spending several days or weeks in Roswar, visitors can continue their trip to Yende village in Roon island or to Wasior town to see more interesting places and meet friendly people of Wondama regency.

This article is written by Charles Roring

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