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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Trekking Along Rowi Stream

Rowi stream is a great site for visitors who like trekking. Cool water flows from Wondiboi Mountains down to the sea. While walking up the slopes along the sides of the stream, visitors can see a lot of species of tropical plants. Colorful Butterflies fly and land on the sandy banks. The sounds of birds can still be heard in the air mixed with the sounds of the stream among the rounded stones. 

Trekking along the sides of Rowi Stream

As visitors walk deeper into the mountains, more birds can be seen flying over the stream. Grey Crow (Corvus tristis), Sulphur-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua galerita), Mimic Meliphaga, Blyth's Hornbill (Rhyticeros plicatus) are some of the birds that we could see in the forest. 

Rainforest of Wondiboi Nature Reserve as seen from Rowi Stream

Please, bring binoculars, and camera if you want to watch and take pictures of birds, butterflies and insects. Local people say that the forest is the natural habitat of various species of snakes, soa-soa lizards, cuscus possum, tree kangaroo and a lot more.

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