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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Snorkeling and Freediving at Ketapang-Lima Beach

The high marine biodiversity in Wondama has attracted the attention of visitors who like scuba diving. Snorkelers and freedivers also are interested in seeing the beautiful marine life of the regency.
Freediving in Wondama
Ketapang Lima is a beach in Wondama Bay. It is often visited by town dwellers who want to spend their weekends at the beach. Ketapang is the name of a tree Terminalia catappa. Lima is the Indonesian word for Five. There is a very nice coral reef area around 100 meters from beach to the sea. The reef is separated by underwater seagrass. 

Marine Life in Teluk Wondama Regency

The coral reef is a great site for snorkeling, freediving, and even scuba diving. Parrotfish, wrasse, moorish idol, pipefish, anemonefish, butterflyfish, grouper, damselfish, and a lot more. Sea star, urchin, and christmas tree worms can also be seen there.

White Christmas Tree Worm

Visitors who want to enjoy snorkeling at this beach need to bring their own gear such as snorkeling mask, snorkel and swim fins. A small underwater camera such as Nikon W300, or GoPro will be useful for taking underwater photographs and videos.

For accommodation, and other supporting facilities, please, see this page: Where to stay and What to Eat.

The secretariat of the tourist guide association of Teluk Wondama regency (DPC HPI Teluk Wondama) is also located at the Ketapang Lima Beach. Charles Roring-DPD HPI-PB

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