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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Butterfly Watching in Wondama

Wondama in West Papua province of Indonesia is a great destination for butterfly-watchers. This regency has got a lot of tropical flower vegetation in its town, along the forest edges and in the islands. The flowers attract various species of big and small butterflies.

butterflies in Wondama regency
Butterfly Watching in Wondama Regency

Some of the butterflies that I see in this regency include Ornithoptera priamus, Danaus affinis bonguensis, Taenaris catops, Euploea alchatoe, Tirumala hamata, Papilio ulysses, and a lot more. 

ecotour in Wondama bay
Tropical Vegetation in Wondama

Because of the wealth of its tropical vegetation, the observation of butterfly can be done every where in Wondama regency from flower plants in the streets of the town to flower garden in the regents office in Rasiei that is located at the foot of Wondiboy nature reserve and in the numerous tropical islands.

How to get there?

Visitors need to fly to Manokwari city first. Regular daily flights from Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia to Manokwari are available every day. After that the trip to Wondama can be done by small turboprop airplane or by passenger ferry.

Wildlife Watching Gear

Visitors who are interested in watching butterfly need to bring at least a camera. A pair of binoculars will be useful to watch butterfly in distant trees of flowers. The same device can also be used to watch birds and other wild animals in the forest. 


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