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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wandamui Hill and Beach

Wandamui Hill is a place in Wondama bay which tourists can visit to see the beauty of its scenery. Located in the north of Rasiei town, it can be reached by car, motorcycle in approximately 1 hour ride. The visit to Wandamui beach and hill can be done by speedboat too. Using this marine vehicle, visitor will have an easy access to most of the coral reef area of Wondama bay to enjoy snorkeling and sightseeing. 

For birdwatchers, the best time to be in Wandamui hill is early in the morning. Visitors can leave the town by car at approximately 05.00 and arrive on the hill at dawn. Lesser Frigatebird, Eclectus Parrot, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Rainbow Lorikeet, Brahminy Kite, Little Egret are some of the many birds which visitors are able to see while watching birds on the hill, along its slopes and coastal area.

The tropical vegetation in the cape of Wandamui is interesting too. Casuarina and other trees grow on its slopes whereas barringtonia, catappa, and mangrove could be found at the beach. Nepenthes or pitcher plants and terrestrial orchid also grow on the hill. 

At the beach, there is a wooden jetty where visitors could use at platform for fishing, doing yoga exercise, or just sitting on it to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding beach.

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