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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Wondama A Beautiful Destination for Nature Lovers

Wondama regency is a beautiful destination for nature lovers. They can enjoy swimming at the beach, snorkeling over coral reef to see colorful fish and other interesting marine creatures as well as exploring the rainforest to see its wildlife. 

There are old houses, offices and churches that were built by the Dutch. Most of them are still standing in town. Sometimes Dutch visitors go to Wondama to see the former houses where their parents or grandparents used to live during the Dutch time. These can be seen in District Wasior and the old Dutch missionary complex in Aitumieri. 

dutch family holiday in teluk wondama
Dutch tourists in Wondama Bay

There are small hotels, inns and homestays in Wondama which visitors can choose if they want to stay for multiple days. For food, eating houses and restaurants in town usually provide rice, noodle, sweet potatoes, with fish, chicken, eggs, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

The staple food of local people is sago, sweet potatoes and taro. Sago flour is mixed with hot boiled water to make papeda. It is consumed with yellow fish soup and has been a favorite local delicacy. Those who are not used to eating papeda can eat spicy grilled fish or fried chicken with rice or sweet potatoes and vegetable soup.

Local guides from HPI Wondama can accompany, organize speedboats or cars for visitors who want to explore villages or islands in the regency. 

Wondama regency is a beautiful tourist destination. It should be in the top list of places that you want to visit in your lifetime. Once Indonesian government lift the travel ban due to Covid-19 Pandemic, you could buy tickets and have a nice journey to Wondama. 

Standard health protocol under new normal will still be applied to every body where mask, and hand sanitizer have to be used. 

All these will allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of Teluk Wondama regency safely. 

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