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Sunday, December 27, 2020


In 1934, J. Bierdrager - a medical doctor - found that Wandamen was the place where leprosy was spreading. There were villages which 10 percent of their populations suffer from this disease. In 1950, a leprosy treatment center was built in Manggurai. It was led by a doctor from Manokwari. Later, this center was run by two nurses, W. Wits and W.F. van Ruler. When effective medicines were invented, a lot of people were healed. 

Until 1950, Manggurai had received 120 patients. The number decreased rapidly. New method of treatment did not need overnight stays in the clinic.

In 1970s, a couple from Switzerland, The Fischers were working in Manggurai as nurses and expert in the treatment of the disease. 

health clinic in manggurai area of Wondama bay regency of West Papua, Indonesia
Health Clinic in Manggurai, Wondama Bay Regency


The same thing happened in "Sele be Solu" of Sorong region. A mennonite from the same country was preparing to work in Sele be Solu of Sorong. Two mennonite nurses, Ruth Bähler and Lydia Bähler had already worked there for ten years. Elsberth Gerber later joined them. 

Because the treatment had been so successful, these leprosy treatment clinics were later closed.

The Wondama Bay which had been feared by people from the surrounding areas was now the center of hope for everybody. CR-DPD HPI PB.


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