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Monday, December 28, 2020

A Visit to Mangrove Forest in Wondama Bay

There are a lot of mangrove trees that grow along the coast of Wondama Bay. It becomes the natural habitat of a lot of animals from fish, seashells and crabs to birds, reptiles and insects. It is very easy to explore the mangrove forest. We can use a canoe and paddle it along the coast. We can also use motorized boat. The best times to explore the mangrove area are in the mornings and in the afternoons.
A visit to Mangrove and Sago forest of Wondama regency
A Visit to Mangrove Forest in Wondama Bay

The easiest place to reach from Wondama town is Ramiki. It is actually a place inside the town itself. Tourists can hire ojeks (motorcycle taxis) to bring them to Ramiki. There is a man named Echetus Sawaki who lives in Ramiki. He can guide visitors to see the mangrove ecosystem. As a matter of fact, Ramiki has got sago forest that is closer to the land compared to mangrove trees that mostly grow along the tidal area of the beach. 
So, visitors going to Ramiki can see both mangrove and sago ecosystems. The indigenous Papua people eat sago as their staple food. Sago is a tropical plant that looks like coconut. But the plant does not bear fruits as big as coconuts. Inside the sago tree, there is flour. When the sago tree is matured and ready to be harvested, the tree will be cut and its trunk will be cleaned. After that it will be split. The process of grating the pith to extract its flour can be seen there. The flour can be stored in the house for a long period of time especially in the refrigerator. The sago flour can be used to make pancake, and cookies. But most people eat it daily in the form of glue like papeda.
An excursion tour to other parts of Wondama Bay can also be organized from Ramiki. 
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