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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Wildlife Watching Gear

Every visitor must bring his or her own mask and hand sanitizer. These can be bought in big supermarkets in Indonesia. First-aid kit is also needed.
For Birding and Wildlife Watching
Visitors who like to explore nature to see its plants and animals usually bring several equipment as follows:
binoculars, camera, spotting scope for birding
wildlife watching gear
  • Every visitor needs a good pair of binoculars. Famous brands such as Swarovski, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, Vortex manufacture high quality binoculars. The recommended sizes are 8×42 mm 10×42 mm. The recent product of Celestron 10×56 mm binoculars have got larger objective lenses that are suitable for lowlight condition. It does not matter whether the binoculars use porro or roof prism design. The most important thing is that it can create clear images for those who use them.
  • Digital Camera with Telephoto Lens - Professional photographers usually bring D-SLR camera with Sigma 150-600 m sport or Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens which are suitable for taking birds, wild animals and plants that are far from them. However, these photographic devices are heavy. They also need more spaces in backpack. Visitors who are not photographers can still take pictures of distant birds and other wild animals using bridge camera such as Canon SX70HS, Nikon P900 or Nikon P1000.
  • Laser Pointer - This little device will help you or local guide point the right location of where a bird, butterfly, snake or other animal during the tour in the rainforest. However, the light of the laser pointer must not directly aimed at the animal.
  • Spotting scope for watching birds or other wild animals and plants will also be useful but is not a must for everyone to bring it. A group of birdwatchers usually bring one spotting scope. 
Snorkelers and Freedivers usually bring their own snorkeling masks and swim fins. Waterproof underwater cameras such as Nikon W300, Fujifilm FinePix XP series, Canon G7X with waterproof case, Go Pro action camera, Olympus TG Series will be useful for taking pictures of coral reef and any marine creatures.
snorkeling gear mask, snorkel and swim fins as well as underwater camera
Please, bring your snorkeling gear
If you wan to know more about the flora and fauna of New Guinea, you could read several books that discuss about them at this link: 

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