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How to get to Wondama

The regency of Teluk Wondama is located in West Papua province of the Republic of Indonesia. The capital of the regency is Rasiei.

It is a beautiful destination for visitors who like to see marine life in its coral reef, and wildlife in its tropical rainforest. 

Flight route from Jakarta and Denpasar to Manokwari city and to Rasiei town of Teluk Wondama regency
Flight Route to Rasiei town - the capital of Rasiei

You need to take international flight from your country to Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia or to Denpasar city - the most important tourist hub in this country. 

After that, you could continue your trip by taking domestic flight to Manokwari city. There are daily flights offered by such airlines as Sriwijaya Air, Batik Air and Lion Air between Manokwari and the above cities. 

From Manokwari city, you could go to Rasiei by a small turboprop aircraft operated by Susi Air or by passenger boats and ferry that serve this sea route almost every day. 

Land route between Manokwari and Rasiei has just been constructed by government. However, the cost of traveling by car is enormously expensive because you need to charter a 4WD pick-up car. 

Fast passenger ferry route to Rasiei town
Sea Route between Manokwari city to Rasiei town

Sea Route - Most people travel from Manokwari city to Rasiei by passenger boats. The ticket prices are more affordable. For fast passenger ferry Express Bahari, it is less than 25 US dollar/ person and for a slower passenger ship, such as KM. Margaret, it is around 10 US/ person. The ships will pass by a lot of islands in Cendrawasih Bay National Park including Rumberpon, Purup, Roon, and Meoswar.

By Airplane - Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Susi Air operates Cesna Caravan 208 on regular three times a week flights. The ticket price is .... rupiahs/ person and can be purchased at the airline's office at the airport.

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